Who’s The Better Player? Sergio Agüero Versus Luis Suárez

This season, two players have really stood out – Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero and Liverpool’s Luis Suárez. On a Facebook Page dedicated to football conversation, the question was posed – who’s better? Opinion’s flew, but all caveated in some way – Suárez, because he’s in a more limited team and has to up his game; Agüero, because he’s in a less limited team and so has to shine more brightly with more competition; Suárez, because of a much higher goals-per-minute number; Agüero, due to his higher number of assists. And from there, the conversation turned – is this season’s Suárez better than last season’s Agüero?

So, looking at the basics over their careers – games, goals, shots, shots on target – here’s the answer. Albeit a basic analysis.

Some facts:

Player Name Sergio Agüero Luis Suárez
Squad Number 10 7
Position Forward Forward
Age 25 27
Date of Birth Jun 2, 1988 Jan 24, 1987
Place of Birth Quilmes, Argentina Salto, Uruguay
Height 1.70m 1.80m
Weight 69kg 81kg

Running from the 2005/06 season (when both played in their native countries) to this year to date (as of January 29th), the visualisation shows the total games played (starting and coming on as substitute), total goals, total assists, total shots on goal and total shots overall.

The data can be filtered by competition, by season and by type of match (international, club or both).

Some top-level observations:

  • Apart from the 2005/06 season, both players have played comparable amounts of games – and extensive amounts, often playing more than 40 games a season
  • Suárez has scored more goals per season in all but two seasons, when looking at total goals
  • In 2008/09, Suárez overtook Agüero in assists, and have never been beaten since (but 2011/12 brought the same amount)
  • In 2011/12, Suárez overtook Agüero in total shots, but Agüero had more every season up to this point
  • Both players have had similar accuracy in terms of shots on target since 2008/09, with Suárez pulling ahead recently
  • Looking at only the Premier League, Suárez has had a higher number of goals than Agüero in two of the last three seasons* (when both have been in the division together); each has had their time on top in terms of assists with this season neck-and-neck currently; and Suárez has had the higher number of shots (total and on target) in two of the last three seasons*.

*The last three seasons = 2011/12, 2012/13 and 2013/14 (season to date).

Data source: http://espnfc.com/player/_/id/44927/sergio-leonel-aguero?cc=5739, http://espnfc.com/player/_/id/125088/luis-su%C3%A1rez?cc=5739.

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